Teri: Fuchsia Blue Yellow Wayuu Bag - Ares Collection™

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Melinda Renata Emily

Inspired by the radiant colors of the Gulf Coast sunset, Teri with its sky blue, yellow, and intense fuchsia offers a unique blend of the most vibrant colors of nature. A part of D'cocora's prestigious Ares Collection™ this Wayuu bag is sure to please the the most discerning critic. It boasts dual tri-colored tassels, a cinch cord to secure your items, a triangular septagon pattern with colorful tri-ring patterns at it's base.

Acrylic Threads

Height: 5.90 inches
Width: 5.90 inches
Strap Length: 21.65 inches

Teri Fuchsia Blue Yellow Wayuu Bag Straps
Teri Fuchsia Blue Yellow Wayuu Bag Base

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