Tamanna: Black White Wayuu Bag - Thornton Collection™

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Ooooo, you know you want it. The Tamanna Wayuu bag from D'cocora is a splendid black and white patterned design with a cinch cord, dual solid black tassles, and circular pattered base. This is a forearm carry bag held at waist level close to the body, intentionally designed to reduce natural hip movement of it's carrier and maximize attention to the bag. Tamanna is also designed with D'cocora's standard cylindrical styled cord with a high quality reinforced compressed weave to prevent unnecessary kinking and coiling to the tassel cords. Both casual and professional, the Tamanna Wayuu bag from D'cocora's Thornton Collection™ is appropriate in any setting.

Acrylic Threads

Height: 7.08 inches
Width: 8.66 inches
Strap Length: 9.05 inches

Tamanna Black White Wayuu Bag Front
Tamanna Black White Wayuu Bag Base

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