Sally: Caramel Khaki Wayuu Bag - Thornton Collection™

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Raise the trumpets and trombones. Clear out the saxophones and the Tubas. Sally, in all her majesty, has just entered the building. This beautiful Wayuu bag from D'cocora's Thornton Collection™ is created with a caramel-khaki theme. It displays dual two tone tassels, a cinch cord for complete closure, a stylish forearm strap, and a base designed with Greek patterning. This beautiful Wayuu bag is also featured with D'cocora's standard cylindrical styled cord with a high quality reinforced compressed weave to prevent unnecessary kinking and coiling. It's a splendid bag handcrafted with a multi-purpose mixed-use in mind. It's the perfect size for a woman with a lot to manage who's looking to recharge after a long successful day.

Acrylic Threads

Height: 7.08 inches
Width: 8.66 inches
Strap Length: 9.05 inches

Sally Caramel Kakhi Wayuu Bag Tassels
Sally Caramel Kakhi Wayuu Bag Side Straps
Sally Caramel Kakhi Wayuu Bag Base

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