Jasmine: Aqua Blue Wayuu Bag - Thornton Collection™

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The idea of the Jasmine was born off the coast of Colombia near Cartagena. The white sandy beaches and beautiful aqua blue water near the Islas de Rosario inspired its creation. This authentic handmade Wayuu bag with stunning dual tassels, extra long 9 inch decorative strap, and an ocean inspired design, is the perfect bag for a spring and summer getaway. Jasmine also has a reinforced cylindrical style cord with a high quality compressed weave which helps prevent unnecessary kinking of your tassel cord. So toss in your swimsuit, clothes, and flip flops, cinch up the top lace, and head to the water. It's sleek design of blue and tan colors invite you to feel right at home en la playa. 

Acrylic Threads

Height: 7.08 inches
Width: 8.66 inches
Strap Length: 9.05 inches

Jasmine Aqua Blue Wayuu Bag Side
Jasmine Aqua Blue Wayuu Bag Base
Jasmine Aqua Blue Wayuu Bag Tassels

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