Allison: White Caramel Wayuu Bag - Thornton Collection™

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With a decorative overlapping caramel ring pattern, dual two tone tassels, dual brass handles, and a white base, the Allison is the perfect bag for a quick access a few important things. Stylish and usable, this Wayuu design is a great combination of pretty and functional. Allison, like all of the products in the Thornton Collection™, has a reinforced cylindrical style cord with a high quality compressed weave which helps prevent the unnecessary kinking of your tassel cord. With this splendid addition to the Thornton Collection™ Allison is the perfect compliment to soft blue outfit.

Acrylic Threads

Height: 5.51 inches
Width: 5.90 inches
Strap Length Ring: 4.33 inches

Allison: White Caramel Wayuu Bag Back
Allison: White Caramel Wayuu Bag Top View

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