D'cocora designs uniquely authentic handcrafted bags and accessories harmonized with a subtle South American flare. Our products are sourced from natural organic materials and produced by Colombian caring hands. Our shop is uniquely categorized into artistic collections to best bring you the charm and artistry and warmth of the Colombian people.
     D'cocora's uniquely designed products posses aesthetic and traditional cultural concepts to best compliment the seasonal colors of your wardrobe.
Why the name D'cocora? What does it mean?
     We get asked this question quite frequently. There are meaningful layers to our name.
      First, the Cocora Valley in Colombia is where the core component of the name originates from. The tribes in Colombia, the materials, the specialized artisans who dedicate their time and talents to this project, as well as the natural environment of that region which inspired the creation of our brand and vision.
      Second, the D', the first letter of our name, is the abbreviated form of God in Latin American cultures - especially Colombia. So put together, we're honoring our Lord and Savior who has blessed us with the abundance of that region.
      Lastly, the name D'cocora 'sounds' a lot like the word 'decoration' in Spanish. The name itself is dense with meaning and regional significance while at the same time possessing a catchy ring.