Madison: Pink Brown White Wayuu Bag - Thornton Collection™

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Sassy and cute, the Madison with its horizontal pattern of pink, brown, and white, is a dual threaded, forearm strap, dual white tasseled Wayuu bag from D'cocora's Thornton Collection™. It's built with a decorative cinch cord to secure items within the bag and an off centered ring design on it's base. Madison is also designed with D'cocora's standard cylindrical styled cord with a high quality reinforced compressed weave to prevent unnecessary kinking and coiling to your tassel cords. A stylish bag for a stylish woman, the Madison symbolizes a forward expression of confidence.

Acrylic Threads

Height: 7.08 inches
Width: 8.66 inches
Strap Length: 9.05 inches

Madison Pink Brown White Wayuu Bag Tassels
Madison Pink Brown White Wayuu Bag Back
Madison Pink Brown White Wayuu Bag Side Straps

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